LINKS  American Friends (Quakers) Service Committee  - The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions umbrella organization - The Palestinian Academic and Cultural Boycott Initiative - Palestinian and Jewish Egalitarian Team, an Asheville-area dialogue and action group  Lists in detail companies doing business that supports the occupation  gives a good overview of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement with petitions and actions one can take.  Good source of statistics on us funding, effects of the occupation, etc.  Economic Activism for Palestine.  An umbrella of nearly 400 organizations working to end the occupation.  Excellent source of up to date news.  Daily news from the Middle East on     Palestinian/Israeli conflict


Jewish and Israeli websites (a small selection)   Israeli women who monitor checkpoints in the West Bank.  Updated daily.  Hebrew and English  excellent on current news from Israel and the Occupied Territories.  Very active in the BDS movement.  Website very current Dedicated to transforming Israel into a peaceful society.  Supports military resisters. Israeli Committee against house demolition.  Hosts work camps at demolition sites.  News site as well.  Progressive Israeli peace think-tank. Former Israeli soldiers against the occupation.  Israeli originated and now international movement for peace in Israel/Palestine.  Pro-Israel, pro-peace American organization.


Faith-based organizations working for human rights in the Middle East  Presbyterian Church USA publishes pamphlets and study guides especially for churches. (Steadfast Hope and Kairos Palestine)  United Methodist Holy Land Task Force.  Excellent source of news and network to other organizations.  Presbyterian site where materials can be ordered.  Quakers with a concern for  Palestine-Israel.  Good cache of up to date resources. - Churches for Middle East Peace. 
Formed in 1984, Churches for Middle East Peace is a coalition of 25 national Church denominations and organizations, including Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant traditions. It works to encourage U.S. government policies that actively promote a just, lasting and comprehensive resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ensuring security, human rights and religious freedom for all people of the region. Christian Palestinians.  Published the Kairos document,

an excellent study guide available from PCUSA.  Friends of Sabeel  North America.  Annual conferences.

Olive trees in Bethlehem


Olive trees in Bethlehem




The key, symbol of Right of Return - Aida refugee camp, West Bank.


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